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How To Obtain A Golden Visa in UAE


Reducing the threshold for the UAE Golden Visa 2022 is a bonanza for entrepreneurs and property buyers

Investors in the UAE property market can get hold of the 10-year Golden Via if they commit more than AED 2 million. It is a captivating figure and is significantly lesser than the earlier figure. The investors can purchase the property by lending from specified local banks. Investors with multiple properties but investments of more than AED 2 million are also eligible for the Golden Visa.

It is a compelling move from the government, and the investor also sees more payment flexibility. The investor need not provide the entire amount immediately but can make an initial payment, and the rest can be staggered with a pre-set timeline. The new reform can help spur the off-plan property market in Dubai. It will also mothball the earlier AED 1 million thresholds for a Dubai property investment to achieve a five-year visa.

The demand for off plan property buying is increasing

The Dubai property market has seen phenomenal growth, mainly due to increasing off plan sales. Several off-plan launches are successful, but the Bloom Holding venture in Abu Dhabi gets a special mention. UAE is beginning to be viewed as an investment option from being a temporary residence option. Dubai provides several other benefits, like low property prices per sq. ft. and high rent yields. More professionals, investors and founders can expect to cement their place in the country. Lowering the threshold to receive the Golden Visa can widen the scope for several investors.

The entry-level property options can attract several new buyers, increase demand, and provide more stability to the Dubai real estate scenario. Several European families are shifting to Dubai, and more global investments and businesses are providing flexible working options. It leads to a further influx of technocrats and a booming property market. More investors are choosing premium properties. It is a significant change from earlier times when rentals or smaller properties saw more demand.

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