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About Us

Innovative investment solutions. Local expertise. Our commitment to the United Arab Emirates. For investors seeking rapid growth in unconventional industries.

HRG Investment Group is a holding company with innovative investment solution. Our expertise and commitment is to provide all of our investors seeking rapid growth in unconventional industries the education, guidance and support required to maximize profits both from a short and long-term perspective through their entire investment journey.

The investment world is changing at a rapid pace. Traditional firms using benchmark and passive strategies are proving to be obsolete and counterproductive in the current economic environment. HRG Investment Group believes that the market requires new and innovative investment products that will keep up with the pace of the world. Since 2011, HRG Investment Group has built-up and acquired companies within the service industry. These companies allowed HRG Investment Group to develop investment strategies aiming to provide targeted exposure to early-stage market disruptors in the market.

HRG believes at the forefront of the innovation wave are “early-stage disruptors”— that introduced new technologically-enabled products or services that are in the early stages of development. The investment products developed pool funds into these acquired companies that guarantee remarkable returns on investment within a specific time frame. The combined portfolio was strategically identified, evaluated, and acquired based on the proven record of success, potential of growth, competitive advantage, and innovative disruption that entity provided within the market using both bottom-up and top-down research and analysis methods.

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In today's world, we push the limits of traditional investing and offer only the best, customized solutions to our investors.

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Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

In order to minimize risk and maximize profits, we use diversified strategies
and approach.


HRG seeks to provide enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term. Our values reflect our strong partnership culture, commitment to exceptional performance, and uncompromising integrity.

Trust and transparency are critical components of our client relationships, which is why they are at the core of our business philosophy. We cultivate relationships with investors and partners based on openness and mutual respect.
We take pride in our commitment to our clients and we generally operate on the basis of profit sharing. Our success is dependent upon our investors’ success.

With decades of experience serving clients, our team has learned many financial planning challenges are rooted in more than just money. Many times, these challenges have emotional roots or are better resolved once our clients have a clearer vision.
HRG Investment’s success and vision rest on transparency and acting with respect for key moral and corporate principles, such as honesty, fairness, equality, and dignity, in all of our business conduct. We believe in absolute trust and censure.

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, with integrity and honesty, our success will follow. If any of these is ever damaged, the last is the hardest to restore. We are committed to compliance with the law and to following all the rules, regulations, and guidelines.

In business, we prioritize providing superior customer service and a return on investment that makes a real difference to our clients and stakeholders.
Profitability is essential to achieving superior returns, building our capital, and attracting and keeping the best people.