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HRG Static

A hassle free asset backed investment with fixed returns

HRG Static product allows our clients to invest funds in the service industry. The investment is allocated into acquiring assets that generates fixed income by utilizing the largest Fortune 500 service platforms.

These platforms have a high volume of visitors ensuring that the acquired assets are constantly in work generating passive income in both the B2C and B2B segments. HRG Investment Group is reputable in the market and has strong tie-ups with luxury international hotel groups, banks and other corporations that depend on its services.

The investment will yield a return that ranges between 9% up to 21% depending on the agreed timeframe. In terms of security, HRG Static funds are asset-backed and secured with the option to transfer ownership of said asset to the possession of the investor. Furthermore, post-dated cheques are provided for the monthly profits as a guarantee on their returns. The investor can enjoy stable passive returns as the company manages the operations of the assets from A to Z and guarantees profitability.

Static - Uber & Careem

Best Financial advisor in Dubai

The world of investments is super significant and rewarding. However, it is getting more complex by the day. Making an investment related decision can certainly be intimidating. In the present-day inflation scenario, streamlining the expenses and income; while ensuring to strategically meeting fund opportunities is almost back-breaking. And that’s why financial advisors play an important role in a person’s whole investment planning journey.
The primary role of a financial advisor begins with the identification of goals and extends up to having a plan in action. A holistic approach involves multiple steps including taking the present situation into consideration, evaluating the future requirements and eventually executing a process. 
Whether you are an expat or an Emirati; the journey of investing money in Dubai is challenging. Let’s just say making a independent financial advice in the financial industry of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is quite painful. To put your money in different baskets and lead towards a desired outcome in this ever-changing economy requires professional help.

Financial Advisors Dubai UAE

Dubai is now crowded with financial advisors. Seeking professional help in the domain personal finance is easy and can help you figure out short, medium and long-term financial goals. To your surprise, apart from real estate, stocks, bonds or precious metals; UAE has a lot of pathways leading towards lucrative investments. However, the space may be unexplored to many. Proper knowledge and right mentorship is the only key to making an informed decision.
An attractive tax structure and no limitations on the repatriations of profits makes Dubai an investable and preferred global FDI destination. Although the Middle East economy has its own set of rules and regulations, which one can get acquainted with post-hiring a financial advisor.


Working closely with an expert independent financial advisor in the UAE is a one-stop solution to all your financial needs. Here’s how you can benefit from them.
  • Get ready to receive tailored solutions. Strategies suited to individual needs can balance an investors appetite for financial risks and help them grow gradually over a period of time.
  • An access to expertise and a reliable global network of professionals (internationally qualified financial advisors).
  • Leverage on financial policies regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), adhering to all guidelines.
  • Manage your wealth in the most efficient way by securing the future of you and your loved ones.
  • Balance your today’s expenditure while securing future financial requirements. Whilst working in a high-cost and low-tax environment, increase your wealth and widen your portfolio.
  • Be rest assured of having access to dedicated wealth management.
  • Avail long-term financial security with the help of systematic investment plans (SIPs).

Investment Management

Investment management refers to a comprehensive financial planning other than just buying and selling. It includes formulating a conducive strategy, financial objectives, whether it’s short term or long term and creating a portfolio while leading the investor towards a specific objective.
The term ‘investment management’ clearly depicts maintenance of a collection of financial assets. The process certainly aligns money management requirements with meeting client goals, developing tax strategy and efficiently overseeing the asset allocation. An investment manager must also abide by the client’s financial priorities and risk tolerance.

How To Know Which Type Of Financial Advisors Is Right For You?

Do not be in a rat race of just settling in for a financial advisor, because everyone’s doing it. Before you hire one, figure out which type of financial advisor is right for you. How do you do that?
  • First determine whether you need a personal financial advisor.
  • Look into your financial goals and then decide on what type of professional you want to work with.
  • Explore and gather as many names.
  • A background check is mandatory of any financial advisory firms.
  • Schedule a meeting and see how comfortable you feel about it.
  • Payment fee must match your pocket.

How much do financial advisory services cost in UAE and Dubai?

Realistically, financial advisory firms play a pivotal role in your financial goals. The financial expert understands your financial situation and makes the journey of attainment easier. Based on some of our research, here’s what you can expect.
  • Advisory firms charging on hourly basis: 700-1500 AED
  • Advisory firms charging annually: 7000-28000 AED
  • Financial Advisory firm charges on commission basis: 1%-5%

How to Select the Best Financial Advisory Firm in Dubai

When you’re on a hunt for a financial advisor, you are ideally handling over a major responsibility. Choosing a financial advisor in Dubai is daunting, especially for an expat who is new to the city. The best financial advisor in Dubai will take you through the possibilities by examining the current scenario and financial position and thereby draft a high-yielding plan.
Here’s how to choose a financial advisor in Dubai:
  • Look into their credibility, experience and transparency.
  • Analyze if they are a good fit for your goals.
  • Check if they are a licensed company
  • Look into testimonials and complaints
  • Opt for a company instead of an independent agent
  • Look around for a good fee structure
  • Examine their knowledge of financial & tax planning

Why is preparing a financial plan so important?

Most people undermine the importance of preparing a financial plan. Simply put, the retirement planning process helps keep a track of income, expenses and investments. In hindsight, financial planning is a step-by-step approach to understand the present capabilities and execute future possibilities.
Why is preparing a financial plan so important in financial life?
  • A good financial plan maintains the balance of funds (inflow and outflow).
  • One can cope with uncertainties in a better way.
  • A plan promises a long-survival plan.
  • Jumpstart savings, even if it’s small.
  • Create an investment portfolio.
  • Manage inflation responsibly.
  • Clarity in life.
  • Eliminates wastage of finances.
  • A great help during market volatility.
  • Helps in deciding the right ratio of savings and spendings.

Personal financial planning and advice is a professional service dedicated towards individuals, business and families with the objective of putting together their financial affairs.

Financial planning fees tax is not deductible. However, you can keep them low.
Fees for financial advice in Dubai is very subjective depending on the plan, duration and end goals of financial adviser.

With plenty of options available, finding a chartered financial planner in Dubai is not difficult anymore. Make a list, do enough research and then decide yourself.

investment management group can help significantly in financial planning by diversifying month while factoring risk appetite and a steady growth in mutual funds.
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