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HRG Real Estate

Identify a suitable property and manage its revenue generation to attain highest ROI possible

HRG Real Estate allows our clients to invest in strategic high-yielding property units. The process is simple, safe, and completely transparent. HRG Investment Group has a proven track record that enables it to provide investors with guaranteed profits. Investors can feel safe by using the transfer of the property’s title deed under their name.

HRG Investment Group sets the right revenue management strategy and yield prices daily to achieve the maximum level of revenues for your property. We use the best technology and the most experienced revenue managers to achieve our targets. We contract, list and manage your property on the world’s leading online booking platforms including: Airbnb,, Expedia, HomeAway and many more.

The investment will yield a return that ranges between 8-12% per annum*. The investor can rest assured that their property is well taken care of. With over 11 years of expertise in real estate and hospitality the team will make sure your property retains its value over time. As the value of the property rises, you can watch your investment expand. Our property appraisals are updated on a regular basis. We connect our customers with the best property investment possibilities throughout the world and provide an end-to-end service that helps them navigate every stage of their international real estate investing journey.


Almost three decades ago, Dubai was a little more than a desert. 

However, over a span of time, the city gained immense popularity for its extravagant buildings and skyrocketed to having the third most skyscrapers in the world. Needless to say, Dubai has exploded in prosperity with its futuristic approach and rapid development. 

Most certainly, the city of luxury is famed for multiple reasons- diverse culture, future-forward technology, tourism, environment-centric initiatives, advanced infrastructure and more. Speaking of the real estate sector, the Dubai market continues to bull ride despite inflation. The city clocks impressive numbers despite the supply chain issues, geopolitical scenario and bucks the growth trend. 

Dubai attracts a slew of expatriates and investors which has led to a massive boost in the demand for residential real estate.
Fact Finding: Experts predict a never-seen-before real estate boom in 2023, mushrooming the UAE GDP further

Real Estate Management in Dubai

Real estate management is a critical part of owning or renting out any property in Dubai. Such companies act as a valuable source for individuals who are probing towards an informed real estate-related decision. Real estate business in Dubai has turned out to be a necessity in order to derive a deep understanding of the competitive market with uncompromised quality, safety, proper planning and high ROI.
Real estate professional play a pivotal role in managing your property portfolio. Putting your hard-earned money into real estate comes along with a string of highs and lows. In general, the property game is super volatile with major risks involved such as an unexpected slump. An effective real estate management is the key to lower risk and derive maximum returns.

What is Property Management?

Property management is a serious cash cow for investors. What’s an ideal situation? Investing in a property, renting it out and pocketing insane returns. Unfortunately, it’s not as it sounds. A property management service is well-designed to take away the worry and niggles from an investor.
The role of a property management company is comprehensive and involves overseeing the business operations of the property (residential and commercial). The end goal is to provide a full 360-degree solution while safeguarding funds, ease out operations and obtain high revenue.  
Real estate comes with the need of investing in the right property, analyzing a property’s full potential and being well aware of its physical deterioration. Property management is a critical aspect of prompt real estate solutions. Such companies are aligned to act in the best interest of owners to maintain all records and assist clients in selecting a property that would suit their investment needs and ROI goals.

Property Management Company Vs. Real Estate Management company

With major overlapping services, differentiating between real estate and property management services is hard. There is a fine line between the two:
  • While real estate management companies deal with listing and selling of properties, property management companies take charge of the regulations; just as the name suggests.
  • Real estate management companies work on a transactional basis while the latter works on contractual basis.
  • A real estate management company works around investing in a property, a property management company functions more around expanding the investment and leasing it out.
More or less, the services of both companies are the same with a common objective of ensuring your investment is worth it.

Benefits of Property Management (Real Estate Management)

Property management services are certainly curated to take heat off your shoulders. So yes, the biggest benefit of hiring a property management company is to obtain peace of mind. Preserve the value of your investment by gaining from a property management company in the following ways:
  • Screening out problematic tenants.
  • Have all facts evaluated.
  • Put an end to legal problems.
  • Get lucky with a long-term tenant.
  • Complete property inspection.
  • Paperwork and administration.
  • Efficient financial reporting.
  • Property marketing for significant lead generation.
  • A strong client-company bonding.
  • An accurate performance reporting.
  • Maintain or increase the value of your property.
  • No stress of any legal formalities.
  • Tenant management.
  • A stress-free passive income solution.

Why HRG Investment Group?

We are leading the real estate industry with professional excellence. HRG Investment Group allows strategic investment in high-yielding property units. The process of doing so is transparent, safe and efficient. With a proven track record of right revenue management and guaranteed profits, be rest assured of achieving your targets. 
Our services are crafted to expand your investment portfolio with the rising property value trend. We connect our customers with the best property investments along with efficient asset and property management. 
Our talented team of experts possess comprehensive investment knowledge and are familiar with the industry complexities. And therefore, our clients are entitled to best possible advice and investment services.
Real estate management companies are entitled to the following services – setting rental prices through market research, tenancy management, acting as a bridge with the tenant, availing rental benefits, maintenance and refurbishment, taking complete charge of the legal process, safety & security, handling maintenance requests and routine check-ups.
The company will act as a professional to ease out all operations with efficient management. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a real estate property management company is to generate great income while saving time and money. A professional property manager will be responsible for a major impact on the success of your property investment. 
An efficient company must be trained to ease out your investment process on the basis of certain fundamentals. The firm must begin by understanding the client needs and goals and then decide on the allocation process. Also, choosing a property strategy of portfolio creation creates a dependable base to succeed.
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